I. Nakhla is currently selected artist for ARC, Stockton, leading a six-month community-based audio commission in the Teesside area on the theme of ‘WASTE’.


A socially and environmentally oriented project, WASTE is interested not only in processes of waste, or wastefulness, but also in challenging the narratives that determine what is classed as ‘resource’ and what as ‘waste’, as well as who or what can be wasted.

Research img 1, ARC Stockton, 2023

Working with members of the community to make use of sonic leftovers, Nakhla’s WASTE commission encompasses free public workshops at ARC, experimenting with the sonic capacity of personal devices (phones, tablets etc.), and making creative use of them as field recorders, personal archives, and speakers.


Through workshops, community conversation, field recording, and 1:1 mentoring, Nakhla’s commission focuses on how a community sound work might be shaped, through skill sharing, play, and mentoring.

Stills from Workshop 1, ARC Stockton, ‘Spatialising Sound’ – live-mixing ‘wasted’ sounds scavenged from the environment, using our bodies and voices to generate, mix, and think ourselves as creative resources – with young people in the County Durham & North Yorkshire area, Feb 2024

Made in collaboration with ‘Workshop 2’ attendees, ARC Stoockton, mixing Nakhla’s electronic compositions with participant’s phone field recordings from the session

‘WASTE’ will culminate in an online record and a final performance at ARC, Stockton on 30th May, featuring live performances from Nakhla and two local Teeside creatives, who are currently being mentored by Nakhla. WASTE-live, asks its audience to prepare for a sonic spectacular, an auditory journey through time, place, and imagination, as the artists present their WASTE enquires through live sound, foley, vocal recordings, radio, and dance music.