A weekend of workshops, talks, and performances exploring mechanical, algorithmic, and electronic music Dai 大 Hall, Huddersfield, 2023

I. Nakhla is a 2023 Alpaca resident in collaboration with Digital Gardens festival hosted by AME Huddersfield. Under the mentorship of live coder and algorave founder Alex McClean, I. Nakhla has been implementing live vocal looping into their productions and performances, as their research asks what it means to have a voice and be vocal.


This residency has been developed in collaboration with ame, C.I.C, through mentorship and support by artists Ryoko Akama, and Charlotte Roe.

“Nakhla’s explorations so far have included exploring live coding of vocal patterns, with our TidalCycles environment together with the tidal-looper plugin. Through on-line sessions, it has been strange live coding our own voices while trying to discuss how the ongoing pattern manipulations affect us.” Alex McClean


Whilst in residence at Dail Hall, Nakhla will be building on their research into the agitations that relate rhythm, sound, pattern, and vibration. During the Digital Gardens Festival weekend, Nakhla will run a series of free public workshops exploring how audio sculptures can be assembled out of accessible sonic archives (on phones and personal devices). Nakhla is interested in this practice as a form of ‘counter-archiving’; a way of re-appropriating, through re- using, sound and its technologies.


Their residency will finish with a live performance at Dai Hall, celebrating Nakhla’s newly developed live coding skills, and performing a new work titled ‘1-0’; a mix of music, poetry, and their thoughts on England’s Lionesses missing out on winning the 2023 world cup final.

Highlights from Digital Gardens Festival Weekend, 2023